The Awareness Garden was established in 2003 to celebrate the life of Lalla Hancock Sydnor, an avid gardener, passionate cancer advocate and lifelong Lynchburg resident. Today the garden thrives with support from the community and a dedicated committee that oversees landscaping, fundraising and outreach. Working together, we hope to create greater awareness, support and healing for those affected by cancer.

Greater Awareness

We deepen understanding about cancer by hosting community events onsite.

Greater Support

We offer support through an endowment that allows us to offer scholarships for those who are impacted by cancer or pursuing a career in a cancer-related field.

Greater Healing

We provide a beautiful and serene green space for members of the cancer community to rest, reflect and re-center.

Our Mission

To provide and maintain a peaceful place to reflect, to honor and to support those affected by cancer while raising awareness in our community

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Price Blair

Brandon Evans
Vice Chair

Shep Nowlin

Board Members

Jessica Barger

Dr. Rick Bendall

Dan Bradway

Keith Fisher

Lisa Haibach

Jackie Hill

Dolly Horner
Landscape Committee Chair

Elizabeth Hutter

Diane Johnston

Kelli LaPrade

Deborah Morris

Arline Ore

Kay Vaughan
Events Committee Chair

Foundation Coordinator

Carter Bendall


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